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VSight helps manufacturing companies to recover from industrial machinery downtime with wearable software and augmented reality.
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During their work, workers need external data and knowledge to do their job like PDFs, how-to-do manuals, and sometimes an expert's eye. With our software platform, our customers bring augmented information to their workers.
VSight platform brings augmented information to the right worker, at the right time, with the right format. A worker can connect to VSight Platform, with a smartphone or smart glass to get all information that is needed during a complex assembly or disassembly job. If stuck on the job, the worker can voice or video call a remote expert through our software platform and get help remotely. Also, the remote expert can share with the worker all kind of help with files, collaborate and solve problem.

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VSight delivers 28% improved assembly line process, 30% more productive workforce and x12 better utilization of high quality worker.