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Musical Blockchain - multi-awarded world's first psychology-based AI music composer

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Musical Blockchain already has profound real world impact in Music, Art, Education, City development, Social initiatives, Medical/Psychological and other fields.


Every year we're advancing our technology and with our new developments in 2021 we're actively contributing to the areas:
- tools and solutions for HCI (human computer interaction and creative collaboration),
- music industry,
- charity initiatives,
- efficient creative solutions for the cinema/movie industries,
- efficient creative solutions for the fashion industry,
- art / NFT worlds,
- and much much more.

Kuo išskirtinis?

Musical Blockchain is a multi-awarded (5 international awards in 2,5 years), world’s first psychology-based Creative AI composer & generative cryptoart/digital art creator.

As it was mentioned - profound real world impact already: music, art, tv/movie industries, education, city and social initiatives, medicine/psychology and other fields/industries.

Highlights shortlist for 2020-2021 period:
- AI Songbook,
- City Symphonies,
- artificialive immersive touring act,
- XR (VR/AR) performances,
- HCI collab with classical music composer,
- Multiverse performances,
- audioNFTs,
- generated NFT art on display in the gallery Menas Be Stogo,
- DiagonalFarm musical instrument and in-studio AI companion,
- AutoREZNR OST Edition for the TV/Movie industry,
- international collabs with film companies from US/UK (TV-series and movies music on request),
- provided generated music to Discovery (Micronations series)/Bloomberg (Art+Technology series),
- collab with Juno Reactor (The Matrix OST composers and more -,
- Token of Gratitude global charitable initiative (collab with DJ Insider - Billboard #1 producer - for music people behind the scenes.
- and much more.

In 2021 Musical Blockchain still have no analogues in the world yet.

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