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Mobility and hospitality platform

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Current alternatives to SolidMVC + XRental: $ 55,000/yr. closed-source software, or “Facebook algorithms” (life-by-the-rules), or “secure solution” from Bangladesh with “24/7 VIP” phone support for $ 19.99/yr., or 50% discount or 10th page on


It’s a high quality, native and responsive WordPress plugin to rent a car, created by experienced Silicon Valley engineers.
It helps your rental business run smoothly, by accepting online reservations and managing your entire fleet, from one control panel. By offering highly-customizable reservation system, your customers will be able to see vehicles availability, and make online reservations with a few clicks.

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SolidMVC rental systems & XRental market:
“low-ticket” offer - $ 110 lifetime license,
auto-boost via (10% cut),
“high-ticket” offer from $ 4,000/mo.,
uses our open-source coding standard (trusted by 3,000+ enterprises & SMEs)

Our plugin is scalable – it’s source code is fully object-oriented, clean & logical, based on MVC architectural pattern with templates engine, compliant with strict PSR-2 coding standard and PSR-4 autoloaders, and easy to understand how to add new features on your own.
Our plugin has four security layers – all input data validation with data-patterns, output escaping, ReCaptcha anti-spam protection and API scanner to allow only legal requests. Plus it has detailed logs for individual review.
Our plugin works well with big databases – we created optimal BCNF database structure.
Our plugin is ready for high-traffic websites – we tested it on live website with 1M customers database and 500,000 active daily views.
Our plugin supports server-side accelerators and template-caching – it works well with HTTP reverse proxy web application accelerators, i.e. Varnish, and supports WordPress template caching plugins, i.e. W3Total Cache or WP Super Cache.

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